About Us

The Journey of two creative women.

Michelle Mischkulnig, Australian textile Artist of Chelle Textiles, and Andrea Poliquin Wotkyns of A Graphics-Design & Print Source, on the coast of Maine, have joined in a creative journey. They are combining their wonderful talents to produce a range of digitally printed home decor products.  Beautiful colour, texture, whimsy and joy will exude from each piece.

Michelle dances across her fabrics with her sewing machine, and Andrea uses her incredible eye for color and design, to produce sensational images for this exciting line of digital print products for Chelle Digital.

These digital art works are created and enhanced by Andrea from photography of Michelle’s original textile art pieces.  Each image has been carefully selected and produced to suit the product, and each product is a limited edition.  Being a limited edition means you can be sure to have a special digital art work in your house, or to give as a beautiful gift.

We have spent many hours searching for highest quality materials and equipment to print the images to be sure what we produce is the best available. All art work is carefully selected so as not to affect the integrity of the original art work, and to suit the product to which they are matched.

We truly hope the combination of our skills and talents fills your home with colour and joy.  We hope you enjoy the journey with us!

Click on the image to see Michelle’s textile originals

dragonfly garden by Michelle Mischkulnig







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