Textile Print Solar Light


Our beautiful designs now go outside!  Solar powered LED lamps charge in sunlight and turn on automatically at dusk. They can be hung or placed on any flat surface by reversing or taking out the removable panel. Our lamps are resistant to the elements and may be left outside in virtually any kind of weather, or placed inside by a window.  Pop the insert out and place over an LED votive light (included).

The lights feature a virtually tear proof translucent and flexible shade with vibrant, high resolution printed image and solar light module with solar panel, battery, and single white LED. 11″ x 4.5″. Solar panel requires daylight daily to work.  Panel must be charged before use.  Match with our tabletop or pillow designs.      Made in Maine



Additional information

Weight .4375 lbs
Dimensions N/A

HB-Hummingbird, SJ-Swimming Jewel, TT-Toss of the Tide, BB-Bare Beauty, DD-Dragonfly Dance, FD-Find the Dot, GL-Golden Leaves, HA-Harmony, CM-Chelle Mermaid, SG-Splendid Garden, UG-Underwater Garden


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